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PBIC 2023 Comes back to Thailand!

14 Feb. 2023


 We hope that all troopers have been well. After years of waiting, we are delighted to announce that Point Blank International Championship is finally back! We are extremely pleased to host PBIC and invite the most talented and devoted Point Blank players across the world once again!

 PBIC 2023 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on March 18th ~ 19th 2023. The last PBIC held in Thailand was in 2016, and it took 7 years for us to host PBIC again in Thailand. So we are extremely thrilled with it!

 The stage will be set at Samyan Mitrtown Hall 5th Floor in Bangkok. World class players from Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, and Turkey will step on the stage to decide who will be the best country of Point Blank, with the prize pool USD 100,000. We are eager to see the troopers on sight once again! More information on PBIC 2023 will be posted soon.

So please stay tuned!